What should I expect of my consultation?

Your consultation will be done with a specially trained Registered Nurse. They will discuss your travel itinerary, activities planned, date of departure as well as your medical history to advise you on vaccines that may be appropriate for you. Bringing any vaccine records you have to the consultis helpful. After deciding on what vaccines are appropriate for you, the nurse will administer the vaccine(s). The nurse will also answer questions, discuss safety concerns and general travel advice.

What methods of payment do you accept? Is this covered by medicare?

Travel Health Atlantic receives no government funding, and is supported by a small administration fee. Our fee is competitive with other travel consultation services; this is assessed regularly to ensure you receive quality care at a competitive price!

Our preferred methods of payment include debit, Visa and Mastercard.

Many private health care plans provide some level of reimbursement for the cost of vaccines - be sure to check with your insurance company and retain our invoice for this purpose.